Table runner “Rustling Trees” Fabelskog


,,Fabelskog ,, retro series, a hand drawn design by Anna Strøm
Kind fox, sneaky deer’s, dancing birds , rustling tree,smart bear and singing cow all in this fable forest and mystic flowers surround our retro animals.

Relating to past memories of heady retro time, swinging through and enveloping the mystic forest .
This design tea towels can be features an engaging story, and will add nuance and mystery to simple furnishings.

Natural fabrics, 100% cotton .

Made and screened in India for design of Norway AS

design Anna Strøm


Modern retro table runner in Scandinavian style, design Anna Strøm

Dimensions  90×40 cm

Material: – dobble 100 % cotton

Made and screened in India for design of Norway AS

This motive is also available as  mug , plate, bowl, tee towel ,greeting card and cushion cover.

Norwegian design

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Weight 0.3 kg