About us

Design of Norway is a firm that started in 1995, but has been in hibernation for a while. From 2016 onward named Design of Norway AS. We design fantastic gifts and organize everything from idea to complete product. Fantastic business gifts, a gift to someone special or something for yourself!

Designer Anna and Kjell Erik Strøm

designer Anna Strøm

As long as I can remember I have loved to do paintings and crafts. I went to a classic russian painting school and went a bit rebellious when I didn’t just paint classical. My first impression of paintings was Human Birth, Salvador Dali, when I was 8 years old. After a while I was interested in art, art history and other related things.

I studied design in Lithuania, Moscow, Kaliningrad and Germany and took my exam in design-coordination and floristisk. I have worked with interior designs on hotels, restaurants, shop-window displays and private homes. In Kaliningrad from 2005-2011 I had a private school floristisk and decoration design with Stas Zubov , a famous and fashionable Russian designer. In that same period I was a designer for chain Japanese restaurants  in Kaliningrad ,,Jakitoriya ,,.

From 2011 on I live in Skotterud, Norway. Married to Kjell Erik Strøm.

I am proficient in many arts and crafts techniques and like to try new forms of creative expression. The difference between European and Japanese culture gives me much inspiration. I have also been inspired by nature and Jugend style. Playing with the ornamental and lines gives me the distinct feeling of being free like a bird.